Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent – Keep The Environment As Clean As Your Clothes

Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

If you are like one of the many families out there who are conscious about the environment and are looking to find ways to keep your home chemical free, then you’re probably already aware of some of the all-natural homemade cleaners you can make yourself.

What a lot of eco-friendly families overlook however, is one product that is an absolute must in every home; laundry detergent!

Now, you would think with all the environmentally friendly products out there on the market that it would be easy to find an eco-friendly laundry detergent. This in fact, is not as easy as you would think, as many claim to be all-natural, but have less than healthy ingredients.

If this is you and your family, you will want to find the highest quality products that offer the natural ingredients that will do the job, but not have to use manmade chemicals that are harmful to the environment or to your health.

Many people have allergies or are sensitive to chemicals thus making it an absolute necessity to find eco-friendly laundry products that can be used for their daily laundering needs.

It is fairly common for people with sensitive skin to have allergic reactions to the harsh chemicals you find in your run of the mill detergent you pick up at the local grocery store. Whether you are looking for a stain remover or laundry detergent, there are some amazing products by Roux Maison that can give you the all-natural and chemical free laundry load you are looking for.

What You Will Get

When you begin to look at different brands, it may be difficult to find an environmentally friendly laundry detergent that you can truly trust. There are many companies, big and small, who claim that their products are chemical free. However, when you read the ingredients and cannot even pronounce them, then they are most likely not all-natural ingredients, and you definitely don’t want those types of things to come into contact with your skin.

A company, who’s all natural products that stands out from the crowd, is Roux Maison. They offer fabric specific green laundry detergent choices, which means that you will get the cleaning that you need for your particular clothing item(s) without worrying about affecting your skin, or the environment. From sport detergents to swimsuit detergents to delicate detergents to an all-around clothing detergent, each formula is precisely tailored to keep the fabrics safe and address the laundering needs that are unique to each type of fabric.

Because the detergent is concentrated, you only have to use a small amount. And when it comes to consumption and the environment, less is more! This means less packaging and decreased transport costs as well. You’re also getting a great value… a 16-oz. bottle of detergent will do 40 loads of laundry! It would take a normal laundry detergent 65oz to do the same 40 loads!

What People Are Saying About Roux Maison

Racing and Saving Mama at said of the Lavender detergent that she received to try, Roux Maison is hypo-allergenic and the bottle is bpa-free. You can use it on everything from sheets to towels to clothing” This is just one of the many reviews that are found when you do your research. Finding reviews from people just like you allow you to see what great benefits that it can offer to your own life.

From moms like Kathy Shearer to college-age guys, people from all walks of life extol the great benefits of Roux Maison’s line of eco laundry detergent and stain removers.

I have four boys, ages 2-15 and Roux Maison laundry detergents leave all of their clothes smelling clean and fresh! And, it is environmentally-friendly and gentle on their skin as well. These are all great products and I would recommend them to all the moms I know!-Kathy Shearer

Like most college-aged guys, laundry isn’t exactly one of my favorite tasks. It is not uncommon for me to go three weeks without doing laundry. My huge loads of laundry necessitate that I use a potent detergent. With mass produced detergents like Tide and Downy, I found myself having to prewash or even rewash clothes. Much to my chagrin, I was forced to divide up my loads and scrub the stains prior to running the wash. Roux Maison has enabled me to resort back to my old laundry habits, yet my clothes are cleaner than ever before. While Roux Maison is probably not good for improving my laundry skills, it is great for college students who don’t want to devote a lot of time to doing laundry, but like having exceptionally clean clothes. – Arnie Silverberg

The Selection

When you look at the selection at Roux Maison, you will find an array of different scents and formulas so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need for your laundering needs. Whether you want fragrance free or you want a nice light scent, such as lavender or sweet tea, you will find an eco-friendly laundry detergent that will be just as pleasing on the nose as it is to the environment. The fragrance of the detergents comes from 100% essential oils, which means that they are all natural and non-irritating as well.

What types of detergents do they offer? In addition to the fragrance free and the two scented versions, you can choose from different formulas, including:

  • Essential Detergents – Are good for a wide range of fabrics, including sheets, towels, and everyday clothing. Comes in the fragrance free version, as well as Ambrosia (lavender) and Sweet Tea. It is non-abrasive and cleans without leaving a residue on the skin, which can be irritating. In addition, they are in BPA free bottles, which is another environmentally friendly move.
  • Sport Detergents – This detergent is formulated specially for sweaty and dirty athletic and workout clothing. It eliminates dirt, odor, and bacteria that are common in this type of clothing. Lycra, spandex, and other performance fabrics need special care and the Sport Detergents maintain elasticity and helps to retain the moisture-wicking, waterproofing, and breathability properties that make these fabrics ideal for athletic performance.
  • Delicate Detergents – This detergent is designed for the washing of all fine washables, such as lingerie, shapewear, and hosiery. Whether machine or handwashing, it is ideal for fabrics like silks, cottons, and other synthetic lightweight fabrics. This detergent is ideal for breaking down perspiration, body oils, and stains, while not being too strong for the fabrics. If you have fine washables, you want to have a special detergent to keep them lasting as long as possible.
  • Swimwear Detergent – This detergent is made for swimwear fabrics. It will clean the fabric without harming the elasticity of it and the properties that make the fabric ideal for swimming. Getting rid of the chlorine from the swimwear fabrics can keep colors vibrant and help your swimsuits to last longer.

Roux Maison also offers a stain remover. The Roux Maison Stain Remover is gentle on fabrics and helps to get rid of most types of stains. It doesn’t use chemicals, toxins, or irritants and is designed to work with the Roux Maison detergents to keep your clothes fragrance free and chemical free. Having a good stain remover can help your clothes to last longer, free from stains and dirt.

Ordering is simple and easy on the website and it is much easier than having to find the right product at your local store. Buying one bottle is affordable, but even more affordable is buying a set of 3 or a case of 6. This can save you money per bottle and will save you any extra shipping costs as well. They have flat rate shipping based on the total amount of your order and free shipping is offered on orders more than $100.

Returns and exchanges are only accepted if there is damage to the product or if the company made an error on your order, so be sure to order carefully.

Final Thoughts

Roux Maison is a company that has put a lot of time and thought into what they offer to valued consumers such as you. Their goal is to not only give you products that are chemical free and safe for your body and the environment, but to also give you a way to extend the life of your clothing. In addition, their cost is affordable, which is not normally the case when you are talking about all-natural laundry detergents.

It doesn’t matter if you or someone in your family has allergies to chemicals or you simply want to be kinder to the environment, Roux Maison can offer you an eco-friendly laundry detergent that you can trust to take care of your family’s clothes. By using products like these you will also be doing your part in keeping the environment free from unsafe chemicals. Whether fragrance free or scented, you will find a Roux Maison product (or two) that you will love.

Looking for a laundry cleaning product that you can trust will not expose you to harmful contaminants and chemicals? Go to and place your order today. Your clothes, your skin, and the environment will thank you for it.