How to Get Your Water as Safe as New York City Drinking Water

New York City drinking waterLeonardo da Vinci once wrote, “Water is the driving force of all nature.” But in the case of New York City drinking water from a tap is the driving force behind NYC Water-On-the-Go, a program to promote staying hydrated at portable fountains.

In a world where people spend a fortune to stay hydrated by drinking healthy, safe tap water, some of the healthiest tap water available, according to New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (, is in the Big Apple.

The city’s award-winning tap water is both high-quality and tastes great. The water is so healthy that the city uses a program called Water-On-the-Go to supply portable fountains with six faucets at special events.

Benefits of Drinking Tap Water

People can drink directly from the faucet or fill water bottles. Here are some of the other benefits of drinking tap water as opposed to buying bottled water from a convenience, grocery, or other food store.

  • HEALTHY – Water helps you maintain a healthy weight because unlike soda, juice, or sports drinks, it has zero calories, zero carbs, zero fat, and zero sodium. Water also gives our bodies enough hydration to sweat, which flushes toxins from our muscles and skin.
  • VERSATILE – Tired of drinking plain water? You can flavor it using fresh fruit, berries, or a tea made from herbs (like rosemary, lavender, or chocolate peppermint – Yum!) and still enjoy the health benefits. Want it sweeter? Use pure, local honey instead of sugar.
  • AFFORDABLE – Because it comes right out of the tap, water is very inexpensive. The city of New York approximates that water costs as cheap as 1 cent per gallon, which is more than 1,000 times less expensive than buying a 20 ounce bottle of water.
  • GREEN – While healthy drinking water from the tap is clear, it is also green! Buying water in plastic bottles uses about 1.5 million barrels of oil per year, which is enough to power 100,000 vehicles. And all of that plastic winds up as garbage in overflowing landfills.
  • CONVENIENT – Healthy tap water is available from any sink in your home. You don’t have to go to a store to find it. This is true whether you live in New York City or Timbuktu!

While New York City drinking water is some in the best in the world, you do not have to travel to the Big Apple to enjoy great tasting tap water. In fact, you can have clean, safe, healthy tap water whether you live in either an urban or a rural environment.

Enjoying New York City Drinking Water at Home

Fortunately modern technology has made it possible to remove toxins like lead and chlorine  from tap water using a variety of simple filtration systems. Some popular ones include:

  • WHOLE HOUSE SYSTEM – These systems remove dirt and sediment as well as 80% of the chlorine in your home’s water, making it safe for drinking, showering, laundry, or anything else.
  • UNDER SINK FILTER – This type of filter goes under the counter, and is popular for use in kitchens, where most people go in the house for drinking water out of the tap. Unlike whole house systems, they are less prone to leaks or bursting.
  • FAUCET AND SHOWER FILTERS – These fit right onto the faucet so that water coming out of the tap runs through the filter first. The filter inside the unit, with normal usage, only needs replaced about once a year making them an economic choice for couples or small families.

My personal favorite is the Portable Series Reverse Osmosis System. It sits right on my countertop, which means I can take it with me when I am traveling on business or on vacation with my family. Whether I am at home or in a hotel suite, I still enjoy the same great-tasting water!

New York City drinking waterBecause the countertop system is not permanent, it is great for apartment-dwellers or renters. But as a homeowner, I don’t see how I could ever go back to drinking water straight from the tap, even with using other filters.

You deserve to enjoy the benefits of drinking great-tasting, healthy tap water. Click here to buy your countertop unit today, and taste the difference for yourself!