How to Decorate a Kitchen Countertop and Breakfast Nook

how to decorate a kitchen countertopAmerican celebrity chef Alton Brown once said, “The kitchen’s a laboratory, and everything that happens there has to do with science.” But when looking at how to decorate a kitchen countertop  mine looked like a science experiment gone wrong.

First of all there was clutter everywhere. Old recipes, expired coupons, old bread tags, empty spice jars – you name it and I had hoarded it.  And the breakfast nook was not much better. I should have joined My family could not ever eat breakfast in the kitchen due to the clutter.

It really got to the point that just the thought of walking into the kitchen to cook a meal caused something akin to a full out anxiety attack. It was time to make a change for the healthier.

From Closet Hoarder to Kitchen Decorator

It took an entire weekend, but with the entire family involved we are all more committed to keeping the kitchen free of its former clutter. Using some of the same Feng Shui tips that we applied to our home office here are the steps we took:

  • CLEAN SLATE – We could not begin to think about how to decorate a kitchen countertop or breakfast nook without first getting rid of all the clutter. But as we did, we sorted through the items separating them into one of three categories.
  • SURVEYING ITEMS – As we removed clutter, we sorted it into things we use daily, like our sprout garden which got to stay, and things we used rarely, which went to a local thrift store. And trash went straight into the garbage bin!
  • ADJUSTING STORAGE – The trick to avoiding re-cluttering was following the old phrase, a place for everything and everything in its place. We had to adjust some shelving in cabinets for items previously too tall to fit there, but it was a great way to clear the counter.
  • ISLAND PARADISE – The formerly huge empty space in the middle of my kitchen floor is now home to a small island. It holds the stoneware crock filled with utensils, all the dishtowels, and some family photos that used to take up space on the counter top.
  • TABLE LINENS – Having a tablecloth and place mats on the table gave a clear message that it was a space for eating. It was a visual reminder that homework projects, tax forms, and the dog’s leash were no longer welcome for an indefinite stay.
  • TALK IT UP – Once you master how to decorate a kitchen counter top and breakfast nook, share the news! Post pictures on Facebook. Even better – invite some close friends over for mid-morning coffee or afternoon tea.

De-Cluttering Your Kitchen Furniture

Whether you are adding bar stools to the end of a counter top or alongside a kitchen island or a table and chairs in a breakfast eating space, the furniture you choose for your kitchen is as important as the décor.

Open space floor plans are becoming increasingly popular in today’s new kitchens. Even old farmhouses have space for a kitchen table, though. When my family overhauled the kitchen, we decided that the furniture was also in need of an update.

We said goodbye to the wobbly metal table and set of mismatched chairs. It was with great joy that we carted them off to the local thrift store. We considered using chair cushions to make everything match, but having six chairs around a table cluttered the space.

An Earth-Friendly Table that Fits the Whole Family

While discussing new furniture options, one family member commented that the only time we all fit at the table was when we were having picnics at a local park. What a great idea! But we couldn’t have just any table. We wanted something that was earth-friendly.

After some searching, we decided on the Gable Table, which is available at the Green Nest website. The site also sells slip-covered dining chairs, but we chose to surround our new table with a pair of long benches instead.

Now if the kids have their friends visit for a sleepover, or if the whole family is home for Sunday morning pancake breakfast, there is room for everyone to eat in the new, de-cluttered kitchen.

When it comes to how to decorate a kitchen counter top and breakfast nook, don’t forget to update your furniture as well. Click here to learn more about the Gable Table and all the other eco-friendly products that the Green Nest website offers.