How to Achieve a Healthy Indoor Environment within Your Home

Healthy Indoor EnvironmentThere is a Native American proverb that states: We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. With that in mind, shouldn’t everyone desire to provide their family with a healthy indoor environment?

When you suffer from allergies, or even asthma, living in dirty air is a problem that can interfere with your daily lives. Your everyday tasks can seem to be more strenuous to get through and getting a deep breath can be impossible.

Clean air can help you breathe easier, and even help to reduce your allergies. But most people have no idea what the air quality is inside their home. Could you answer that question? At one time, I could not answer it either.

While builders are taking steps to comply with new guidelines outlined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( many of the things humans do contribute to indoor air pollution. And the worst part is – most of us aren’t even aware that we’re doing it.

Avoid Being Part of the Problem

Many people are taking the steps towards going green outside, but they aren’t even considering what happens inside. Indoor pollution can really affect your individual health, as well as the health of anyone else who enters your home.

Here are some of the most common causes of indoor air pollution. Maybe some of them apply to your home, or even where you work.

  • NEW CARPET – New carpet can actually be a bad source of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Airing out the carpet outdoors before laying it in your home can help reduce the amount of VOCs.
  • BROKEN CFLs – When compact fluorescent lights break, they are extremely dangerous and toxic. When broken, they give off the neurotoxin mercury. The mercury cannot be vacuumed, and an EPA Cleanup Guide is required to get rid of the toxins.
  • PLASTICS & ELECTRONICS – Some of these products have been found to release chemicals that can be linked to hormonal oddities and reproductive difficulties. In other studies, they have shown to change the behavior of nerves within animals.
  • ADHESIVES – The Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that these can produce have the ability to aggravate the eyes and bother the nervous system.
  • HEATING PRODUCTS – Heating products, if not used properly or even in some freak occurrences, can be extremely harmful. The nitrogen dioxide and particulates that they give off can even irritate allergies.
  • PAINTS & STRIPPERS – The VOCs given off by paints and strippers can cause a whole lot of misery, be it a major headache or even a nauseous stomach. When using either of these things, try to keep the area ventilated and even have a fan on to circulate the air.
  • FURNITURE – Even brand new furniture can emit chemicals like formaldehyde into your home. Choosing green home furniture alone can go a long way towards achieving a healthy indoor environment.

First Aid for a Bad Environment

The Home Detox Green Toolbox is perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma. With this kit, you can test the air inside your home for anything that could be giving you a hard time! This kit contains:

  • Your Home Through Green Colored Glasses – This 3-CD pack is hosted by television personality Sally Jesse Raphael and explains more about the potential, invisible toxins within your home.
  • The 9 to 5 Greened- Your home doesn’t have to be the only place to have healthier indoor air. This CD gives you ten steps so that your office can have healthier air as well.
  • The Green Nest Non-toxic cleaner- This good for the environment concentrate (4 oz.) can provide you with 2 gallons (8 quarts) of all-purpose cleaner.
  • Lead Test Kits- There are two of these in order to check all of your children’s playthings, your baby’s crib, the paint, etc. for poisonous lead.
  • Bonus $10 gift card- When you purchase from Green Nest, they like to thank you with a generous $10!
  • Indoor Air Quality Test Kit- With the indoor air quality test, you can test the different allergens in your home!

healthy indoor environmentWith this kit, you can easily achieve a healthy indoor environment. You can achieve, as well as maintain it.

Allergies and asthma can be a thing of the past when your indoor air is the purest it can be with the Home Detox Green Toolbox. Buy yours here now!