How to Make Bath Time for Babies More Fun

bath time for babiesWhen my son was a toddler bath time was accompanied by the lyrics of his favorite song, “Splish splash I was taking a bath, long about a Saturday night!” But when he was an infant, he made bath time for babies much less of a reason to party.

No matter what we tried, our son hated water! From using various types of bathtubs, to using a baby sponge instead of a washcloth, to bringing him into a warm, gentle shower the result was the same. He would begin screaming the moment water touched his skin.

It was only through trial and error that we finally found the ideal bathing conditions. Once he learned to love the tub, bath time was not only more fun for him but also less stressful for us. Now that he is older, getting him out of the tub is the problem!

A Fun Bath Time for Babies Starts with Parenting

Bathing your baby can be a terrifying experience especially if it is your first child. Believe it or not, your attitude towards bath time plays a big role in your child’s attitude towards bath time – even if your child is only a newborn.

When you approach bath time with a calm, positive attitude, your baby will be less traumatized as a result. Take it from me when I say that it works. Here are some suggestions friends offered to me when I was having this problem.

  • Keep the bathroom warm so that your baby is comfortable even without all of his clothes on.
  • Use a soft, soothing voice, and smile. People, even babies, can hear the smile in your voice.
  • Have soft lullabies playing on your iPod or iPad, as long as you keep the electronics away from water.
  • Use a fabric bath pillow to make your baby especially cozy while hanging out in the warm bath water.

Regardless of whether bath time is a fun time or a high-stress moment that traumatizes everyone involved, it is important to make sure that you are using safe bathing procedures. Sadly a lot of infant deaths associated with drowning happen due to misconceptions and assumptions.

The Proper Steps for a Safe Bath Time for Babies

According to the North Dakota Department of Health ( the need for sponge or tub bathing daily is a misconception, and parents can limit that to a few times per week.

However a baby’s face, hands, and diaper area should be cleaned at least once per day. Here are some other tips that the agency offers:

  • Do not bathe your baby in a tub until after the umbilical cord has fallen off on its own.
  • Only bathe your baby in a room that is warm and free from drafts to prevent colds.
  • Never leave your baby unattended in the tub, on the counter, or anywhere else while bathing.
  • Do not get the water too hot or it could scald your baby. Water that is too cold could make your baby sick. Test the temperature with your elbow first.
  • Speaking of water, make sure the water is filtered so that it is clean and free from chemicals.
  • Use a rubber mat or towel in the bottom of the tub to prevent slips and skids.
  • Always use fresh water and a clean wash cloth for each bath, and wash all bathing supplies in hot water after each use.

The Importance of Healthy Bath Linens

Even though manufacturers of bath linens are starting to wake up and realize the importance of safe linens, too many are still using chemical dyes and non-sustainable materials. This is also true for cloth diapers and infant clothing as well.

washclothThe dyes in linens, called VOCs which stands for volatile organic compounds, can cause everything from allergies to neurological conditions. The same goes for the chemicals used in regards to the materials themselves.

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