Choosing a Vacuum – Why HEPA Ones Are Best One for People with Asthma & Allergies

Choosing a vacuumChoosing a vacuum can be a daunting task, especially if you or someone else in your household suffers from asthma. Asthma accounts for millions of lost work and school days, and costs billions in medical expenses.

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology ( more than 22 million Americans suffer from Asthma. But realistically it affects millions more people around the globe.

Actor and director Martin Scorsese, Olympic athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee, British novelist Charles Dickens, rap singer DMX, and former American President Woodrow Wilson all suffered from asthma.

The important thing is that none of these people let asthma hold them back. One way that you can live as normally as possible with asthma is to remove as many triggers as possible. The most common triggers include:

  • POLLEN – Leaving your windows open between 4am and noon, wearing your coat and shoes indoors, or allowing pets to freely come and go as they please are all ways that pollen is introduced into your home.
  • DUST – Dust does not just settle onto the surface of wood furniture, floors, and nick knacks around our home. Dust can settle into upholstered furniture, carpets, and even on walls. Features like fireplaces create more dust.
  • DANDER – Pets are as much a part of our family as the blood-related humans. Unfortunately their dead skin cells, also called dander is a growing problem as animals get older. Dander can fall onto any surface occupied by pets – including human furniture.
  • VOCs – Things like new furniture, paint, wall coverings, and carpet can release volatile organic compounds, also called VOCs, into the air. When exposed to VOCs humans could experience anything from respiratory trouble to a skin disorder, like a rash.
  • MOLD – In homes with basements, leaking pipes, or some other condition that is prime for the growth of mold or mildew, there is the risk of mold and mildew spores lingering in the air. For those who are allergic, breathing them could kick off an asthma-like episode.

Eliminating the Triggers from Your Home

Eliminating the triggers that cause asthma attacks or kick off an allergic reaction is the best way to provide an asthma or allergy sufferer with a healthy living environment. One way to do this is with an air purifier. But there are other things you can do as well.

Another way of removing triggers is by cleaning all your home’s various nooks and crannies, like the mattress and closets, more than just during Spring Cleaning time each year.

Unless your home has a lot of pets or dust, there is probably no need to perform a deep cleaning every week. Usually a thorough cleaning once every few months is enough to keep the triggers down to a bare minimum.

Trapping the Triggers in a HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter inside of an air purifier traps the microscopic particles that trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. From an infant’s nursery to the family room, every room in your house should boast clean, breathable air.

While an air purifying machine does an adequate job on its own, choosing a vacuum with HEPA filtration provides even more benefits – even if you do not own an air purifier. That is because the vacuum sucks particles out of things like carpet and upholstered furniture.

My favorite vacuum for this job is the Healthy Home Vacuum, available at the Green Nest website. Here is how it stands up to similar models found in department stores:

  • Non-stop suction removes dirt and allergens from all surfaces
  • Seals in 100% of the triggers that cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions
  • Fights the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria that causes odors
  • Dirt canister empties from the bottom so there is less mess

Choosing a vacuumHonestly I am not sure how my family survived before we started using the Healthy Home Vacuum. The amount of dirt and allergy or asthma triggers that shared our home was just scary. Our family now breathes easier in a cleaner home, and we’re all healthier.

Your family deserves this same type of healthy lifestyle! Click here to find out how you can use the Healthy Home Vacuum to make your home free from dirt as well as allergy and asthma triggers today!