5 Carpet Alternatives for Your Home

Carpet AlternativesWall to wall carpeting sounds good in theory. It feels good on bare feet, and looks nice in a room. But when you consider how hard it is to keep clean and that it is a hotbed for allergens, then you might search for carpet alternatives.

If you are stuck with wall to wall carpeting due to renting or budget, then consider replacing your old vacuum with a HEPA model which can reduce allergens in carpeting. An air purifier will also help reduce allergens.

Replacing your wall to wall carpeting with an eco-friendly alternative is the best way to say goodbye to a lot of allergens like bacteria, dust, dirt, mildew, mold, and even odors. Even the toughest vacuums have trouble reaching the microscopic particles embedded in carpeting.

Inexpensive, Eco-Friendly, and Easy Alternatives

Carpet replacements today are less expensive and easier to install than ever before – and they are just getting better. Because a lot of these alternatives use organic, earth-friendly materials, they are safe for people with a wider range of health issues – like asthma and allergies.

Better options for things like materials, colors, and textures are the reason why these carpet alternatives are quickly becoming the first choice both in building new homes and remodeling older ones. Here are some of the more popular ones.

  • HARDWOOD – Solid hardwood resists microscopic particles that trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Bamboo flooring is the best choice in hardwood, because it comes from self-sustaining forests and does not deplete the earth of natural resources.
  • LAMINATE – Inexpensive and versatile, laminate flooring resists dents and scratches. It is so easy to install, most homeowners can do it without hiring a professional. And some brands carry a warranty lasting up to 30 years!
  • RESILIENT VINYL – This is a great flooring option for bathrooms and kitchens, or even in basements because of its ability to resist water. It can be made to look like a wide range of woods, from exotics to traditional varieties.
  • CORK – Like bamboo, cork is a great option because it is ecologically sound. It is durable, and great for rooms where you might need a little more insulation or acoustic help. Cork is one of the most durable options when it comes to alternatives to carpet.
  • TILE – Tile flooring is nothing new. It could be created from ceramic, or something less traditional like slate. The benefit is its durability and resistance to moisture, which helps cut down on mold and mildew problems.

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute (www.carpet-rug.org) mold grows in damp settings, such as carpet suffering from some kind of water damage. It is also quick to take up residence in flooring made from paper, sea grass, and sisal.

When You Must Have Carpeting

One carpeting alternative that resists mold and mildew is – carpeting! That is, as long as the carpeting is made from either hemp or wool. Some people just like carpeting, and that’s okay! If you are one of these people, then consider an eco-friendly carpet.

Carpeting made with hemp or wool is a great choice for anyone trying to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It has so many other benefits, too including:

Eco-friendly adhesive and secondary backing materials mean that you do not have to worry about these products adding VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to the air in your home.

Carpet AlternativesNo dyes or chemical treatments not only mean a lack of VOCs, but also no allergic reactions associated with the dyes and chemicals (like pesticide or formaldehyde) used in materials used to to create other carpeting or furniture.

Comfortable and durable eco-friendly carpeting is as comfortable if you want to go barefoot, or let your little ones play right on the green, clean surface.

The best choice in non-toxic, bio-degradable wool and hemp carpets can be found on the Green Nest website. It is a great addition to any home – especially yours! Click here to see the different types of earth-friendly carpeting to add your eco-friendly home now.