About the Editor

Are you concerned about the environment, but don’t know where to start? That is how Carol Newman felt. Living in a small farming community in Richmond, Michigan, she appreciates the world around her and this appreciation of the environment began at an early age. She started out doing little things like using her own grocery bags at the store and moved on to saving individual sized glass bottles and filling them with purified water from her own tap.

Carol wants you to know that you don’t have to make big changes to make a difference in the environment and that is what EcoHomeInspired is all about. Showing you how you can make small changes to your life to help you to be more environmentally friendly is the goal. If each person made even one change, it would make a tremendous difference to the ecology of the environment. This is Carol’s belief and the underlying passion behind her website.

Carol loves that she can share information about being more eco-friendly over the Internet. She has long enjoyed looking up random information on the Internet to learn more about history, as well as shopping. She wanted to offer her information to others and that is how EcoHomeInspired came to be. Bringing together all of the information she could find and has learned about having an eco-friendly home, as well as products, is contained on her website to allow people just like you to become more environmentally friendly.

Even at sixteen years old, Carol knew that she wanted to be more environmentally and health conscious. She believes that taking care of our environment, by utilizing eco-friendly, non-toxic products, not only is better for air and water quality, but it is also good for our health. Even when eco-friendly was not so popular, she was interested in healthier cleaning products and found a company called Planet Solutions that offered natural cleaning products to help keep the chemicals and toxins out of her home. Her love for eco-friendliness grew from there.

Carol even made her own eco-friendly products for use in her home. From cleaners to soaps to deodorant and more, she understands how gentle all-natural ingredients can be to the skin and to the environment. With no preservatives, colorings, or toxic chemicals, it may decrease the shelf life of products, but it is worth it when you are able to use them and not harm the environment when they break down.

A recent graduate from Baker College, Carol’s desire is to work from home by promoting eco-friendly products on her website. She believes that helping others make just small changes can have a big impact upon the environment. Becoming more eco-aware and understanding that the products that you use effects the world is something that she is teaching just one product at a time. EcoHomeInspired is her teaching platform that allows her to share with others her great passion for all things environmentally friendly.

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